Having presets at hand most times improve your turnaround time when working on photo projects. One of the most efficient photo editing applications that a lot of people are not tuned to is Adobe Lightroom. Once you say photos, the next thought in people’s head is Photoshop to edit or enhance such photographs. However, Adobe Inc. has other applications that can handle photos pretty well. Adobe Lightroom has the functionality of processing or editing and arranging or cataloguing your photo files.

Allow me to share with you ten Lightroom presets that you can use to enhance your photos and most importantly, speed up your workflow. With just a few clicks, you can transform your ordinary photographs into stunning images.

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Any of these presets can be tweaked to your preference, however, at direct application, you may be pleased with what you see.

Portrait Preset

This Lightroom preset is perfect for portrait photography and is designed to sharpen your photo and add a more gritty feel to it.

Lightroom Preset Portrait Preset

Download Portrait Preset from Photonify

Black and White Lightroom Preset

With this free preset, you can create beautiful black and white photo conversions.

black and white hdr lightroom preset

Download Black and White Lightroom Preset from PhotographyPLA

Faded Lightroom Preset by Exposure Empire

This free preset comes with a Photoshop action preset. With it, you can give your photos a nice-looking faded effect. This is a versatile effect that can work well with many different types of photos.

faded lightroom preset

Download Faded Lightroom Preset by Exposure Empire

Free HDR Preset by PhotographyPLA

Have you’ve seen those HDR effects in photos and you want to replicate it? Look no further as this free preset will enable you add HDR effects to your photos in just a few clicks.

hdr lightroom preset

Download Free HDR Preset by PhotographyPLA

Black and White HDR Preset

We’re still not done with HDR effects. This free preset will transform your awesome colour photos into stunning black and white HDR images!

Download Black and White HDR Preset by Loaded Landscapes

August Sunset by Piximi

Want a sunset looking photo? Then this one is a must have for you. Piximi has some other excellent Lightroom presets that are for a fee.

August Sunset Lightroom Preset

Download August Sunset by Piximi

Grace Lightroom Preset

This free preset brightens your photo and adds warm filter over it. It is good for both indoor and outdoor photos. This is a versatile preset you should keep.

Grace Lightroom Preset

Download Grace Lightroom Preset by Preset Love

Free Lightroom Presets from Luc Beeson

This free preset pack contains presets that you’ll find useful not only for Lightroom but for other purposes.

Luc Besson Lightroom Preset

Download Luc Beeson Free Lightroom Preset

Sweet Wedding Lightroom Presets

This Lightroom preset is provided for free however with a caveat – credit needs to be given to byNatali. Sweet Wedding Lightroom Preset is a pack contains 3 Lightroom presets: Wedding Pink, Wedding Green, Wedding Blue.

Sweet Wedding Lightroom Preset

Download Sweet Wedding Lightroom Preset byNatali

Too Much Color Lightroom Presets

And last on our list for now is Too Much Color by Preset Kingdom. As the name suggests, this free preset will enhance your photos into bright looking and non-boring images.

Too Much Color Lightroom Preset

Download Too Much Color by Preset Kingdom


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